How to Land a Manufacturing Job that helps you Grow?

How to Land a Manufacturing Job that helps you Grow?

The labor industry is always changing and fluctuating, the most recent example can be seen during the COVID pandemic. Landing a manufacturing job that has a clear career growth path can be difficult, so here are a couple ways you can secure a manufacturing job that can help you grow.

Re-think what your job means to you

For some people, most people even, a job means a way of generating an income. This mindset is acceptable for people who are happy with where they are and don’t want to progress, but for someone who’s looking for career growth, this mindset needs to change. Don’t think of your job as just a mere way of generating income, think of the income as an added bonus of your job, with the main purpose of your job being a playing field for you to learn and grow. A job gets you paid, but a career gets you satisfied. Readjusting your mindset towards your job and thinking of it as a way to get more education and experience to get to a better place goes a long way towards career development. 

Think in the future

From progressions in technology ranging from AI to robots doing the work of 10-20 people at once, The labor industry is forever changing. Thinking about where you want to be in terms of your career goals and path, you’re going to want to look 5-10 years in the future based on recent studies, research, and large corporation patterns. For example, if you see future potential as a warehouse supervisor, you can start at a warehouse worker level and make your way up to a supervisor-level position.

Set and track career goals

Think about where you stand and where you want to be. Are you willing to do what’s necessary to drive forward in your career? In order to get better in your position, are you willing to take additional training? Do you take initiative to solve problems? Are you a team player (possess initiative and innovation)? Do you have the ambition to someday be in a higher position such as a supervisor or quality technician? The more of your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, the more you are on track for career growth. By asking yourself these questions, you can analyze yourself from time to time to see if you’re on the right track to where you want to be. 

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Quick Ways of making the General Labor Jobs Exciting

A common misconception that we come across in the Labor industry is that general labor is boring, tedious, or dull. I would say not always, here are 5 quick ways of making General labor jobs more exciting for you!

Get to know your co-workers

You can make each shift more enriched by getting to know those working next to you. Each person has his own story, culture, and background, and getting to know them not only expands your network but rather makes each shift something to look forward to. Furthermore, the science behind making friends at work confirms its advantages such as increased emotional well-being, more job satisfaction, increased trust and loyalty, decreased workplace stress, and more productivity.

Embrace teamwork opportunities as well as social job events

Work doesn’t just have to work for you, it can also be plenty of fun after hours. Many employees and companies hold events after hours such as dinner parties, bowling, or other social activities. Going to these events can help you make new connections for your network, increase your social skills, and maybe even help you gain some new friends.

Be proactive

Stay focused on your goals by re-engaging your job. Some example questions you can think about are: what you achieve this week? What skills or experience have you acquired over the week? Or what are your goals for next week? Keeping track of your progress and goals will help incite motivation and help you drive forward.

Challenge yourself – push your limits

Many people stay stuck in the same place in their career because they choose to stick in their comfort zone. By challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone, not only can you try and experience new things that you may have an interest in, but you also gain experience and skills that you can apply in various different situations throughout your career.

Aim for higher jobs

There are many different jobs available in the industry, many with different skills and requirements needed. By gaining experience and working after hours in acquiring new skill sets or certifications, you can move on to higher jobs and posts. For example, if you are a warehouse worker, you can study and get a forklift license, and in lieu of that, you would now be eligible for forklift jobs that are better paying and require your skillset. One of the many places you can acquire a forklift license and course is at Forklift Academy. Aiming for higher jobs can create an entirely new mindset for you, redefining what a job means to you as well as paving a road map for your excelling career.

JobAnyDay is one of the platforms that is focused on employee development, and career growth. Send them an email at for their free consultation.